Did you know Pigmentation means colouring?!! So skin pigmentation disorders affect the colour of the skin. Melanin( a pigment) gives the skin colour, and there are specific cells in the skin that make melanin and when these cells become damaged or unhealthy. It affects melanin production and can cause Pigmentation.

Small brown spots on the skin are the areas that get the sun more. Mostly, Freckles come from ultraviolet radiation stimulation.
We can divide Freckles into two categories: Sola and Ephelides. Ephelides are the most common type, known as freckles. Sola lentigines are the ones that appear as a dark patch of skin that occurs in adulthood, such as freckles, age-spot and sunspots.

Melasma or mask of pregnancy is a skin condition known as brown or blue-grey patch. It appears because of the overproduction of the cells that make the skin colour. This condition is common, harmless, and there are some treatments to treat or improve this condition.

To improve the skin condition and reduce the appearance of Pigmentation. Elley Spa offers a few suitable treatments, such as. Marine Chemical Peel, Micro-needling, Laser, LED light therapy and Fibroblast treatment.
The Laser targets the dark spots with a precise beam to target them and breaks them.