Fibroblast-Skin Tightening is a soft surgery method and a revolutionary technique for a perfect facial rejuvenation. It is important to stress that this is a non-surgical approach where no scalpels or any other surgical instruments are used.

Fibroblast-Skin Tightening treatment is an active answer to the patient’s/customer’s needs for beauty treatments that provide perfect look but is not based on surgical methods and there are no surgical risks involved. As you know, these risks include anesthesia, stitches, swelling, long downtime, possible complications, bruises, etc. It’s important to also keep in mind that surgical methods are far more expensive and complicated, while the end results are comparable with the soft surgery treatment.

Forehead lines £110

Frown lines £80

Eyelid £140

Crows feet £140

Under eye £120

Vertical lines on upper lip £140

Jawline Lift £95

Neck rejuvenation £230

Abdominal skin tightening £290

Hands £220