Persian Hammam Treatment

Live and Love Yourself

Hammam is a Traditional method for microdermabrasion and its a type of steam bath and is a very relaxing experience. Hammam treatment starts with rinsing with clear, hot water. Then, you’ll enter the steam bath until the heat softens your skin. Using the Kisseh (rough mitt) and Sefidab ( It is a soft mineral substance which dissolves gently in steam leaving the skin soft and supple). We’ll exfoliate your skin and expose new, softer, radiant skin. Once you’ve been exfoliated, there’ll be another rinse before you have a relaxing full body Honey based mask to boost and nourish your skin.

  • Persian Hammam Treatment – 60 minutes
  • Price: £60

Steam, Full Body Scrub and Mask

  • Royal Persian Hammam Treatment – 90 minutes
  • Price: £80

Steam, Full Body Scrub, Mask & Massage

  • Queen Shahrzaad Hammam Treatment – 120 minutes
  • Price: £105

Steam, Full Body Scrub, Mask, Massage, Honey & Rose Facial