Here at Elley Spa, we know that there are so many amazing benefits of massage for our clients. Our clients are unique and different, and they all come to us for a massage for many different reasons, and our clients gain different things from having a massage

However, in this blog post, we have put together what we think are the top benefits of massage. Have a look and see if you agree;

1. Massage therapy reduces tension in the muscles. These days we are often sat over desks, bent over mobile phones or slumped on the sofa. These positions can result in muscle tension that can cause pain. Our Massage treatments can release this tension and reduce muscle pain.

2. Booking a massage is an excellent way of making time for you. A massage is like meditation in the way that you get to lay down and think of nothing. You can completely clear your mind of any stresses and worries. Not only does this lead to a better level of calm and mindfulness, but it can also result in a better night’s sleep too.

3. Due to the fact you are taking that time out for yourself and having some downtime, you will also boost your immune functions. All due to the relaxation side of our massages, the massage helps enhance circulation around your body. Massage supports and helps your body stay fit and healthy.

4. Massage can also speed up the healing process of soft tissue injuries. It is helping relieve stress around the damage, but it also helps boost your circulation around your body. Massage is incredibly popular for people that have had sports injuries and want to recover and repair quickly.

5. Enjoying a massage will help your body from the very top of your head to the very tips of your toes. As we have already mentioned, a massage helps improve circulation, but it does other things too. A massage will help stimulate the movement of the lymphatic system; it will enhance your mental alertness and improve your joint mobility also.

6. How often should you get a massage? Overall, your health and well-being are worth at least an hour once per month with experts who can tailor the massage to your individual requirements. However, regular massage should be given once or twice a week to prevent any conditions reoccurring. It also increases stamina, patience and self-confidence. If the entire body cannot be massage, consider a simple foot or head massage before going to sleep each night. The benefits to your sleep, health and wellbeing can be dramatically improved by taking time to focus on yourself  

Every client experiences different benefits from massage. Why not book a massage with Elley Spa now and see the benefits you notice from an enjoyable massage.