Ayurvedic Massages

Here at Elley Spa, we are huge fans of aromatherapy oils. They are a massive part of our spa as a whole, but also our massages. With over 90 different types of essential aromatherapy oils. We thought we would talk about some of our favourite different aromatherapy oils and their uses.

Lavender aromatherapy oil is fabulous for relaxation and relieving stress. Meanwhile, bergamot aromatherapy oil is also great for reducing stress, but it has the additional use of improving skin conditions such as eczema.

If a client feels they need help to calm their nerves and to help, them improve their focus, we will often recommend sandalwood aromatherapy oil. Rose aromatherapy oil is excellent for improving a client’s mood while reducing any feelings of anxiety.

You may recognise chamomile as a famous smell in young children and babies wash products? Chamomile is a high aromatherapy oil as it promotes relaxation. Chamomile aromatherapy oil also helps our clients gain a mood boost during an aromatherapy massage too.

Jasmine is an aromatherapy oil we would recommend to people struggling with feelings of depression. Ylang Ylang aromatherapy oils are excellent for treating headaches and nausea. If you are struggling with digestion or a low moon, you may find that lemon aromatherapy oils work for you.

Aromatherapy massages are used for different reasons. They help our clients with relaxation, pain management and improved mood. There are many benefits to massage for our clients, by adding aromatherapy and essential oils we are enhancing these benefits.

Our clients find that an aromatherapy massage helps to improve their physical and mental wellbeing. Aromatherapy massages are one of our most popular massages for our clients due to the feeling during and after the massage treatment.

As we said, there are over 90 different aromatherapy oils out there, and they all have their own uses. If you would like to find out more about the right aromatherapy oils for you, or you want to book an aromatherapy massage, call us now.