First, it is essential to consider that treatment results can vary for all clients.

Laser Tattoo removal is not a very quick procedure, and most of the time, it requires multiple treatments. Also, the number of treatments needed depends on the depth, size, colour, and age of the tattoo. At Elley Spa (clinic), the number of treatments varies from 6-to 12 treatments, but the number could change depending on each individual.

Circulation of blood is a significant factor; for example, clients with tattoos are around the arms or legs may take longer to fade as they are not close to the heart. Those areas had poorer circulation, and tattoos around the chest to back fade usually faster than the exception.

Nowadays, laser technology has improved significantly, and it can treat a range of colours and skin types.

At Elley Spa ( Clinic), we use a Q- switched laser, the only technology that can penetrate the dermis and shatter tattoo ink with minimum surrounding skin tissue damage.

Q10 Laser produces very short bursts of energy capable of producing massive amounts of power instantly. This peak power is highly effective in breaking up pigmentation & colour/tattoo ink in the skin.

After each treatment, you should follow aftercare, and the following treatment usually should be booked from 8 weeks. Also, tattoo removal has some common side effects, including blisters, swelling, bleeding, and redness, which improves after a few days/weeks.

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