Laser Hair Removal has a handheld device that emits concentrated pulses of laser light. The hair’s pigment absorbs the light, which is then converted into heat. Then it targets the hair follicles, disabling or inhibiting future hair growth. 

At Elley Spa, we have the Elysion laser, which is integrated with ‘Crystal Freeze’ cooling technology and dual-wavelength / operating modes. It can help you achieve permanent hair reduction by delivering light energy to hundreds of hair follicles in a large area. This device works for all skin types and tones, from light to darker skin, as well as tanned patients. 

Why it is good for our environment

  • It reduces plastic waste: Razors are made of plastic and packaged using plastic; therefore, it leads to lots of unwanted waste. 
  • Shaving wastes tons of water, especially if you leave the shower running while you shave. 
  • Shaving creams give off volatile organic compounds, which contribute to environmental problems. 
  • Wax strips are required to be disposed of straight after use, and most don’t break down for years and goes into landfill. 

But laser uses light to target and remove hair and does not produce any waste.

Schedule a consultation today, as well as other methods that do not produce lots of unnecessary waste to save our planet for longer.

You made it through the engagement, and Now it’s time to get into the big day beauty regime routine. 

It’s is vital to add the following routine to your wedding checklist, and it may need to start a year before your big day.

1. Skin

To avoid many skin conditions, it is important to Manage Stress: most inflammatory diseases can be stress-related, including eczema, psoriasis, breakouts etc. As Stress weakens the immune system, chorionic inflammation worsens.

Start having a proper skincare consultation, regular facial such as peel, microdermabrasion, oxygenation and detoxifying treatment to improve your skin complexion at least six months before your wedding to have your dream- skin goal.

2. Consider Laser Hair Removal

It is the best excuse to treat yourself to laser hair removal. It will be so worth it when shaving your underarms and legs is the last thing to think. It would help if you planned it 12 to 18 months before the wedding. 

3. Carbon, Peel treatment and anti-wrinkle injections 

If you plan to have any of the above treatment plans, visit your practitioner at least 6-9 months before your big day. 

4. Exfoliate 

As Dead cells accumulate on the skin, they interfere with light reflection, giving it a dull appearance. Regular exfoliation combined with a nourishing and softening mask and massage. Removes dead cells to improve radiance. 

Having regular exfoliation once a month till one week before the wedding is recommended.

Hammam treatment at Elley Spa is one of the recommended exfoliation treatments to remove dead cells and improve skin conditions; also, it makes you feel relaxed and rejuvenated after.