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Microblading Blog

Jolan Microblading at Elley Spa, Welwyn Garden City Get in Touch to book your patch test and Treatment with us What is microblading? Microblading is a cosmetic procedure that inserts pigment under your skin using a needle or an electric machine with a needle or needles attached to it. It’s also sometimes known as feathering […]


There are as many types of kiss as there are people to pucker up, and who doesn’t love a good kiss? Whether it’s a quick friendly peck on the cheek between friends, or a long, passionate tongue-lashing between new partners, International Kissing Day celebrates this most enjoyable of activities and the part it plays in […]

What is Plasma Fibroblast Therapy?

Plasma fibroblast therapy is an aesthetic procedure offered as an alternative to laser, injections, or surgical therapies to tighten and improve the appearance of skin. Plasma fibroblast therapy targets fibroblasts. These are collagen– and protein-producing cells in the dermis, the layer of skin just below your outermost skin layer. Fibroblasts play an important role in […]

Why getting a Facial is important for your skin?

Unfortunately, getting a facial is commonly seen as something you do only when you want to treat yourself, or as a luxury service whose benefits are reserved for only the rich and famous who can afford it. Lets face it; they can be a bit pricey. But take a moment to consider where your money […]

Anti- Aging Beauty Tips

MORNING 1.Remove make-up and cleanse your face every day A cleanser: a simple and effective way to prepare the skin in the morning to receive a serum and day cream. However in the evening, remove your make-up and cleanse as advised (with a milk if your skin is dry or a foaming gel if it […]

What is microdermabrasion?

What is microdermabrasion? According to Debbie Thomas, celebrity facialist and founder of the D.Thomas Clinic: ‘Micro means small or light and dermabrasion means mechanical or physical exfoliation, so this is a light, physical exfoliation,’ Debbie explains. ‘A professional exfoliation will always be deeper than at home exfoliations but for us, microdermabrasion is considered light because […]

What do you know about Carbon Peel Facial?

  Carbon Laser Peel   The revolutionary treatment loved by Hollywood celebrities for immediate skin brightening results! The Carbon Laser Peel is the latest peel to Elley Spa providing patients with beautiful skin and a flawless complexion. This peel is non-invasive, completely painless, and uses laser technology to target skin imperfections quickly, effectively and immediately […]

Is there relation between wearing face mask and Acne?

  Is there relation between wearing face mask and Acne? Wearing a mask is a normal part of being around other people, and is now required on the daily basis. Wearing a mask protects you from droplets, germs and illnesses and helps to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Aside from the benefits of wearing mask […]

Treatments for Looking Young

Younger looking skin with NO RISK. NO NEEDLES.  NO DOWNTIME. The Marvellous Q-10 Laser Machine, is our latest addition to Elley Spa. The Laser skin rejuvenation is a safe, non-invasive treatment with no needles and no downtime to help you look ten years younger.  We can’t help you getting older as we are all getting older […]