Welcome to Elley retreat– and welcome to yourself

We are a secret gem in the heart of Welwyn Garden City town centre – an oasis of healing, wellbeing, rebirth and transformation. A place to become calm, complete, more ‘present’ and attuned to your body and your heart and when you leave our place, you feel less stressed and anxious.

Through our perfectly balanced treatments, such as relaxing holistic and aesthetic treatments we deliver deep down healing, based on the best of all worlds: East and West; Ancient and Modern, from Hammam and Ayurvedic herbal medicine to laser and clinical treatments.

We are experts in health and wellbeing techniques – taking them to new levels by accessing and combining them with lost wisdom and treatments.

But Elley retreat center is about much more than expert treatments. It’s a whole experience, working on the heart, the mind, the body, emotions and spirit.

At Elley Spa, time and boundaries have no meaning. Instead, you’ll find freedom. A freedom from stress, anxiety, pain, and the ‘noise’ of everyday life.

Escape and unwind as our healing atmosphere surrounds you – music, mood, scents, vision and taste.

Let us touch the heart, and treat your whole body, mind & spirit.

Become tuned to your senses……Welcome to yourself

And in discovering yourself, gain strength from the openness and warmth between us. Discover that, deep down, we are all one.

At Elley, the boundaries between us will melt away

You’ll feel you’re coming home – to your favourite, safest place. Knowing that you’re welcome any time.….invited into a private world, into our family. All our treatments from facial to body treatments and massages to our laser and clinical services tailored personally to you, and surrounded and buoyed by the warmth and care of Elley Health and Wellness Center, you will escape from the outside world.

Beyond relaxed, you’ll find yourself on a journey of immersion – a journey discovering yourself and finally feeling you belong.

Come to Elley Spa – and become a friend to yourself

Eli and Nasrin share a passion and commitment to the treatments the organisation uses – techniques based to some extent on standard health and wellbeing methods, but they taken much deeper and made more holistic and powerful in their effect. Much of their expertise in this area derives from our backgrounds, particularly Eli’s use of health and wellbeing techniques to address her Multiple Sclerosis  and improve her overall health. Both Eli and Nasrin want to use their knowledge and skills to help people and make them feel better and happier. They are passionate about what they do – and this shows in the quality of service delivered, the atmosphere they create,

and the special feeling that clients get when they come to the Elley Health Centre.