Waxing and NailTreatments

A luxury range of hot wax, strip wax and pre and after products which are vegan and paraben free. Jax Wax Australia is the re brand for Adam & Eve Wax. Why should waxes look boring, smell not very nice, and in many cases give painful and fairly average results?

Nail, hands and feet Treatments
Nail treatments and strengtheners for bold, healthy nails and smooth and healthy feet and hands. Treat yourself to beautiful and strong nails.


Full leg £25
3/4 leg £20
Half leg £18
Bikini line From £11
Extended bikini £16
Under arm £11
Full arm £18
Half arm £15
3/4 arm £12
Full abdomen £18
Full back £23
Full body £105

Face Waxing

Upper lip £8
Chin £8
Side of face £15
Eyebrow shape £11
Eyelash lift £40
Full face £26

Eye Services

Eyebrow tint £8
Eyelash tint £13
Eyebrow & eyebrow tint £18

Nail Treatments

Manicure £23
Pedicure £24
Manicure & Pedicure £38
Express Mani/Pedi £13
Manicure and Pedicure £42

Shellac gel overlays nails

Manicure gel overlays £25
French Manicure gel overlays £30
Pedicure gel overlays £30
French Pedicure gel overlays £35
Gel removal include file & polish £16
Manicure and Pedicure gel overlays £52
Indeocean Pedicure
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60 min

This luxury treatment commences with a Mediterranean influenced half legs and feet exfoliation.Softening the skin in preparation for a wonderful soak in a soothing Egyptian Precious Milk bath. This treatment followed by half legs massage using Indoceane warmed oil

Callus Peel Treatment
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35 min

Softens hard calluses quickly • Scrape and file them away. • Leaves clean and soft skin YOU CAN SEE THE DIFFERENCE RIGHT AWAY! A busy and active lifestyle can lead to a build up of hard skin and calluses on the foot, making this part of our body uncomfortable and unsightly. Our special Callus Peel product will leave feet soft and feeling rejuvenated. The Callus Peel is applied to the problem areas, allowing calluses to be scraped away quickly. This is a 15 minute, four step system gives results that you can see right away. From when you arrive , the whole treatment will take no longer than 40 minutes in total and you will see the amazing difference Callus Peel can make.

Callus Peel (full pedicure)
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85 min