Ayurveda Treatments

The Ayurvedic concept appeared and developed between 2500 and 500 BC in India. The literal meaning of Ayurveda is “science of life,” because ancient Indian system of health care focused on views of man and his illness. It has been pointed out that the positive health means metabolically well-balanced human beings. Ayurveda is also called the “science of longevity” because it offers a complete system to live a long healthy life. It offers programs to rejuvenate the body through diet and nutrition. It offers treatment methods to cure many common diseases such as food allergies, which have few modern treatments. However, one should be aware that Ayurvedic nutrition is not a “magic bullet” system but requires the full participation of the patient to succeed. It is an interactive system that is user-friendly and educational. It teaches the patient to become responsible and self-empowered. Ayurveda is not a nutritional system for those seeking an escape or excuse to further abuse their body or mind. It is a system for empowerment, a system of freedom, and long life. Ayurvedic treatment can include simple diet and lifestyle advice, food supplements or medicines, massage, psychological and emotional consulting, meditation and yoga.

Abhyanga – Full body massage
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60 min

Abhyanga is a Sanskrit word for full body massage. This highly personalised therapy for both body and mind is performed with the use of warm medicated and scented oils carefully chosen according to the unique constitution of the client. The body massage includes feet , hands head and face. Throughout the treatment important energy points(Marma points) are stimulated to ensure maximum relaxation. At the end a blissful facial massage is performed whilst the rest of the body is kept under a warm blanket allowing the nourishing action of the herbal oils to take effect.

1 Therapist:   £65    (90 / £100)    (120 / £120)
2 Therapist:   (60 / £80)   (90 / £120)
Pinda sweda – with warm herbal bags
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60 min

Pinda sweda is a combination of massage and sweating therapy used in musculoskeletal problems like rheumatoid arthritis. The body and its aching joints and muscles are massaged vigorously with warm herbal Bundle draining toxins and giving relief to pain and tension in the affected areas. Excellent for generalised or local back pain, stiff neck or frozen shoulder.

£80   (80 min / £115)
Shiroabhyanga– Indian head massage
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30 min

This incredible hair and scalp treatment is performed with scented herbal oil to nourish the hair, relax the mind and to release tension in the head, neck and upper back area. In addition, it has an overall effect on the whole body as it acts straight on the central nervous system liberating from many stress related conditions like headaches. A selection of Marma points, are manipulated to direct the flow of energy in a correct and balanced way thus enabling the release of pain and tension.

£40   (45 min £45)